Healing Through Divorce: Divorcing a Toxic Ex

Divorcing someone who engages in toxic behaviors such as gaslighting, raging and verbal or online attacks can be very difficult to recover from. I have been working hard to build this course with a coaching component to help people untangle their sense of self from toxic divorces and rebuild a life that they can feel proud and excited about. The 8 week course includes a private small online support group, online modules with lessons specifically designed to help you heal through the trauma of divorce, assignments/worksheets to help you do the work to protect, heal and rebuild, and weekly online coaching in a private Zoom group with me to go over the lessons and any difficulties you’re struggling with.

The course is about emotional recovery and creating a gameplan for yourself moving forward. As an added bonus, I am including interviews with experts in other areas to support you including a financial planner specialized in working with issues of divorce, a family law attorney, a dating and relationship coach, and a health and nutritional coach.

All divorce is traumatic. But recovering and rebuilding your sense of self when coming through a divorce that is toxic is particularly challenging. You may feel like you can’t get through this and that you will never be whole again. My goal is to help you build the confidence, plan and insight so that you need to move forward after a divorce like this. It’s not enough to survive — I want to help you THRIVE.

If you’re interested in getting more information about the course or joining the waitlist to participate when the course is ready, please send me an email at whitney@beachcitiespsych.com with the subject “I’m interested in your course” or fill out my online contact form here.