Therapy on the Beach

supporting Hermosa Beach and the South Bay communities


So many people live by the ocean and never take the time to go to the beach.  There is something powerful about being at the ocean, hearing the waves crash, smelling the salt air, and seeing the vastness of the sea.  Even science supports the healing power of the ocean -- take a look at my blog  for more about that.  

Recently, I was on a Walk & Talk session with a client and she was sharing something intensely vulnerable so we sat down on a bench on the Hermosa Beach Pier as the fog rolled in and the waves crashed.  After the session, we explored how powerful that was and I realized that having the beach across the street is an opportunity to incorporate a truly magical office into my practice.  Being at the beach brings us into the present, engaging all of our senses.  

So whether it's taking my beach chairs down to the beach, walking over to the Pier and sitting on a bench, or a Walk & Talk session, I am allowing my clients the opportunity to integrate nature and the ocean into their therapeutic work.  If you choose a Walk & Talk session by the beach, the option of sitting down on a bench is always available.  However, if you'd like to spend an hour sitting in a beach chair, listening to the waves crash during therapy, I have two comfortable beach chairs in my office complete with blankets in case it gets chilly.