Slow Down, Cuddle Up in a Warm Blanket, Try Some Hygge


A few weeks ago, my daughter was bit by a dog.  She had to stay a night in the hospital for IV antibiotics due to infection, and a very strange thing happened on our second day there.  After spending hours playing board games together and reading books, the doctor said that she could go home that day or stay another night at the hospital for more IV antibiotics.  My daughter begged to stay another night.  I knew why.

Most days, I rush my kids from one thing to the next, hurrying them to get dressed and ready,  trying to make sure we all get there on time.  In all of the hustle and bustle, something is lost.  Something important.  Something that I just discovered a beautiful Danish word for: hygge.

Hygge is when we cozy up and enjoy the small moments.  Hygge was cuddling on the sofa under a soft throw this weekend and watching Moana with my kids while eating fresh popped popcorn by the fistful.  Hygge is looking at family photos together or lighting a candle as we share a meal.  For my daughter, hygge was hanging out in jammies, playing board games and reading books together in a hospital.  

In this fast-paced world of activities and school and appointments and stuff to get done, we are starved for hygge.  We need more moments to enjoy and connect.  That's why my daughter wanted to stay another night at the hospital.  She didn't, by the way.  We took her home.  And she's fine now -- fully recovered.  But I am making a concerted effort to find time for hygge -- for myself, for my family, and for my clients.

So when you come to my office, I invite you to wrap up in one of my blankets, help yourself to a cup of coffee or a piece of candy, or make it a Walk & Talk session and let's walk by the beach.  I encourage you to bring hygge into your self-care routine, and that absolutely includes therapy.    

If you want to read more about this Danish concept, google the word Hygge and you will find lots (it's trendy right now).  Here's a link to an article about it below: