Anxiety & Panic

Anxiety can be both a psychological and physical experience.  Symptoms like stomach pain and a racing heartbeat are confusing when there is no medical explanation.

It's not all in your head.  

The central nervous system runs through every inch of your body.  When anxiety takes hold, it can be a full body experience.  It shows up in that ruminating voice that keeps us awake at night and physical symptoms.  While everyone experiences some degree of anxiety, for some it creates illness, despair or leaves us feeling afraid to move forward in our lives.      

We tell ourselves it will get better when life is less stressful. It doesn’t.  We put it off because we feel anxious about reaching out for help.  Meanwhile, the anxiety we experience impacts our physical health, our relationships, and even our professional capabilities.  Even high-achievers can be held back by anxiety.    

Anxiety tethers us and sets our limitations too low at times.  It doesn't have to.  If you're struggling with anxiety and ready to take it on,  contact me.  It doesn't have to be so hard.    

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