Couples Therapy

Your relationship problems may feel overwhelming.  Maybe you’re afraid that if you faced it with your partner, the relationship wouldn’t survive.  Your unhappiness in your marriage or relationship is far less frightening than the possibility of a failed one.  

Relationships come with challenges.  We sink or we swim and sometimes both.  The challenges, even the painful ones, can cultivate an intimacy that saves marriages.  When a couple has to struggle together to confront their issues, they build a shared history.  They create something worth fighting for because they have fought for it.  Together.  The passage transcribed on the frogs below is one of my favorites.  

Couples therapy can be difficult.  Painful even.  I provide couples with a safe space to explore uncomfortable issues.  I help them learn strategies for healthier, happier communication and deeper, more meaningful connection.  The first thing I do is identify what the goals of couples therapy are by assessing the goals of each individual within the relationship.  The next thing I do is work with the couple on a game plan on how we get there.  

Pretending problems aren’t there can't strengthen the relationship.  Taking them on together, as a couple, absolutely can.  The history you share as a couple is meaningful and irreplaceable.  Couples therapy is not easy but it's an investment in the relationship that you've built together -- showing up for it says a lot to your partner about your commitment and desire to make it work.

“Once upon a time two frogs fell into a large pail of buttermilk. Frantically thrashing about in fear of dying, the frogs climbed on each other, splashed furiously, and did whatever they could to stay afloat. As they (1).jpg