Divorce is Trauma

As a therapist, I do a lot of work with trauma because I believe it has a tremendous impact on us on a psychological and physiological level. Helping people heal through trauma is important to me.

Divorce is absolutely trauma. I wrote a blog about this very thing here.

Helping people navigate through the trauma of divorce is a specialty of mine born out of my own personal journey. After a fifteen year marriage and a twenty year relationship, I went through my own divorce. Over the course of my divorce, I wrote a book called You Got This: Healing Through Divorce. It’s a candid self-help book for people wanting to heal through their divorce. I have since created a private Facebook Group where people going through divorce can find support and I have also created tools which you can find in the ‘Divorce Resources’ section of this website.

I understand the trauma of divorce and it’s profound impact. I enjoy helping people grow and heal in its aftermath.

If you’d like a copy of my Divorce First Aid Kit with Tools and Resources to help you heal through your divorce, I’m happy to send it to you.