Divorce Is War: Train. Get Strong.

JUNE 19, 2019


My therapist told me early on that divorce is war. Naive me. I thought to myself, “No, it’s not. We will be kind. We will not go to war.” But I did not understand.

Retrieving yourself from a marriage in which you’ve become so entwined with another human being is a battle like nothing you’ve ever seen before. I am not talking about fights over finances or custody, although that stuff can be brutal too. I am talking about the fight to reclaim the pieces of you that you forgot existed or never even knew were there…

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9 Tips for Healing Through the Trauma of Divorce

By Whitney Boole Updated: June 24, 2019Categories: Health and Well-Being

The trauma of divorce upends your sense of safety, forcing you to question everything. Your emotions are likely a roller coaster back and forth through the stages of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance).

The very nature of your relationships, not just with your ex but even with some of your friends and family, may lack the clarity and stability it once did. Your finances and living situation are all in question.

Your hopes and dreams for the future have been bulldozed. Divorce is trauma, and, like other traumas, divorce often brings up old trauma from the past too. This can be overwhelming…

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Season 2, Episode 2: Pain as Fuel for Growth with Whitney Boole, LMFT


Today’s wonderful guest is Whitney Boole, LMFT. Whitney is a therapist, coach, and writer in private practice in Hermosa Beach, CA. She provides therapy for individuals and relationships, and she believes pain fuels growth and empowerment. She is also a single mother with three kids, including ridiculously wild twins who climb everything and leave uncapped markers everywhere they go. She runs a Facebook Group for people healing through divorce and is building more resources for those struggling with the trauma of divorce. Whitney's book "You Got This: Healing Through Divorce" was just released May 7 and is available on Amazon.

Please join us as we talk about breaking patterns that we might not even be aware that we have, moving through trauma, and taking control of our healing. We also talk about Whitney’s new book, and how she has a heart for helping people and meeting them where they’re at.


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Divorce First Aid with Whitney Boole (podcast interview)

In This Episode

Whitney and Jennifer discuss the pain that comes when divorce leaves us feeling traumatized, terrified, alone, and overwhelmed. While navigating her own divorce, Whitney wrote her book, You Got This: Healing through Divorce with the goal of helping people overcome the isolation and heal from the pain that accompanies divorce. During the conversation, Whitney and Jennifer cover important issues surrounding the journey through divorce’s trauma including:

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