What people are saying about “You Got This: Healing Through Divorce”

"I want to immediately put this book in the hands of every one of my clients who are desperate for a roadmap to navigate the treacherous waters of divorce.  Whitney beautifully shares personal and practical survival strategies to heal from the crisis, trauma and wreckage of divorce.  This is a book about empowerment; rebuilding, rebirth and healing.” — Marnie Breecker, LMFT, CSAT, Founder and Clinical Director of The Center for Relational Healing

In “You Got This: Healing Through Divorce", respected author and trusted therapist, Whitney Boole weaves together her clinical experience and personal story in offering hope and healing for women going through the challenging process of moving forward after divorce. This book lays out a clear and compassionate path, and offers practical wisdom and real life solutions that the reader can apply to her own life right now. Ms. Boole has created an invaluable resource for divorcing women, as well as for the therapists who work with them.  Well done!  - Mari A. Lee, LMFT, CSAT-S, author of, "Facing Heartbreak: Steps to Recovery for Partners of Sex Addicts", and, "Healing Betrayal”

"This book will give anyone wings through the darkest, most difficult time in their lives. Such an inspirational, real survival guide, to help all not only on how to survive divorce, but also thrive on the other side! Truly a one stop source of all the information one would need while going through a divorce. Such a gift! I just wish this book was available years ago when I needed it!” — Beth Bowen (actress/artist, divorced mom, star of BravoTV’s “There Goes The Motherhood”

About the book:

Whitney Boole, LMFT M.A. believes divorce is trauma and has created a resource to help people heal through it. This is a guide-book for healing and empowerment through divorce.  Whitney shares therapeutic tools for healing as well as her own stories from the trenches as a single mom of three who survived her own painful divorce.   

About the author:

Whitney Boole is a therapist, coach and writer in private practice in Hermosa Beach, CA.  She provides therapy for individuals and relationships, and believes pain fuels growth and empowerment.  She is also a single mother with three kids, including ridiculously wild twins who climb everything and leave uncapped markers everywhere they go.  She runs a Facebook Group for people healing through divorce and is building more resources for those struggling with the trauma of divorce