When we feel we need to manage another person’s unmanageable behaviors, we often create a web of codependency in an effort to manage the unmanageable. If we grow up seeing codependency as healthy normal functioning, we take on codependency with pride.  However, codependency can lead to unhealthy relationships and keep us from feeling fulfilled or happy in our own lives.

Common symptoms of codependency may include persistent anxiety and stress about what other people think or feel, people pleasing, caretaking for others when it is not necessarily beneficial, feelings of resentment for others as a result of what we have sacrificed for them, a disconnection from our own wants, needs or feelings, low self-esteem, control issues, and mood disruptions such as anxiety and depression.  

Codependency can be exhausting and difficult to let go of.  However, letting go of codependent behavior opens the door to healthier relationships and increased fulfillment and happiness.  

If you think you have issues with codependency and are wanting to let go of codependency and its web, I want to help you.  

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