I never expected this

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At the end of last year, I decided to try to create a Facebook group for people struggling through divorce and wanting to heal. I honestly had no idea what I was doing. I have low expectations of social media and didn’t expect much. I just put up a random post with a picture that I took of the pier by my office and hoped people would join.

At first it was slow and I thought it wasn’t going to work. I begged a few divorced friends to join so there would be somebody in it. But then all of a sudden, it took off. I created the group in November and in five months, the group grew to over 1300 members. But what’s amazing about this group is not how many people are in it — what blows me away is the level of support and kindness inside of it.

I never expected this.

These 1300+ people live all over the country, some even in other parts of the world. They come from different backgrounds. They have different beliefs. The only thing that every single one of them has in common is that they have been through or are going through a painful break-up and want to heal and feel empowered through it. They show up for each other in this group. They generously share their stories, their struggles, their fears, their hopes, their sorrows. And they support everybody else who has done the same. Because they get it. No matter how different they are, they get each other.

While I created the space, it’s the people inside of the group who gave it life and filled it with love. I am inspired by the people in this group every day.

In this group, I am reminded of what it means to be vulnerable and supportive in a meaningful, raw and authentic way.

I am reminded that healing comes through connection and that we all want to be seen and heard.

I see what it means to straighten each other’s crowns. Every day.

Kindness is real. True love is real. Divorce is not an obstacle for either of those two things.

To every member of the You Got This: Healing Through Divorce Group on Facebook, thank you for this unexpected gift. I have learned so much from this group and I am grateful for the daily reminders of kindness and love.